In football, all young men have a chance of success. In football, the more talented player is not always the best player. In football, with the correct attitude and work ethic, any young man can compete. In football, leaders are born and confidence is built. In football, attitudes can be adjusted and low self-esteem can be lifted. In football, all young men get a chance at success.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Week As Coach

Bubble, Blitz, Bulldog.  These are some of the “football” plays and/or terms that I learned this past week.  Some of you might be thinking, “Seriously?  You don’t know what these mean?” Some of you might be right there with me.  I’m more knowledgable now than a week ago, but there is still a lot to know about the game of football.

If you noticed a female dressed in black on the sidelines, for the games on Friday night & Saturday morning, that would be me.  I was fortunate enough to win the coach of the week, at the Raise the Raiders fundraiser.  At first, I was shocked that I won.  Second, I thought, “What am I doing? I’m a female in a sport of males!”  Third, my son was NOT happy that I won.  Regardless, I’m glad that I went through with it and so was my son.  My week was full and meaningful.

I met with Coach Warner and Coach Woolf to confirm that I would be doing Senior Week.   I was excited with all the “extras” that would be happening that week because of it being our last home game.  I started early last Monday morning and continued through the week.  To cover everything that I learned and experienced, would take several pages.  I would like, however, to share some of the incidents that I found to be a strong unity with the team. I know we cannot all experience what I experienced this past week, but maybe what I share with all of you, might make an impression greater than you had about our coaching staff and players at Ryle.  

For those of you who never coached or assisted, there is a tremendous amount of work, dedication, organization, and discipline involved.  In other words, a heart felt passion for the sport.  I found this to be true with the Ryle Football Coaches.  Was it because I was a guest in the coaches meeting and a female?  No, I did not feel that at all.  I felt they had a genuine love for the game of football, as well as the concern for every player on their roster.  The plays for the week, the film for the week, the schedule for the week.  The copying, cutting, conversations, communications, configurations.....It was a busy week.  In my observation, it is like this every week during football season.  Again, a pure passion.

The players were a little shocked to see me there. Not use to having a female on the field and I understood.  Through the week, they were getting used to me being there and they were calling me “Coach”.  I chuckled with the thought that I could coach such a team.  It was neat to dream about the possibility.  These young men are truly dedicated to the sport of football, their coaches, and their school.  Most importantly, they are dedicated to each other.  They are family.  They protect their family and will at any given time.  The camaraderie will always be amongst these players.  Always.

Friday’s game came and went.  The outcome was not what we all wanted, but the support from the staff, coaches, parents, students, and players was evident all around.  From the father’s speech in the locker room before the game, to Coach Warner’s huddle   talk after the game.  Support was there. 
 Saturday’s game came and went and the support from Friday night was carried over to the JV team.  The outcome was what we wanted and the excitement of winning was all around.  Coaches, players and parents alike were beaming with pride to be a Ryle Raider!

We have an awesome community support system for our Ryle Raiders.  How blessed we are!  I was honored to be part of this support system this past week for our players.  Thanks guys!  Thanks Coach Warner, Woolf, Collinsworth, Davis, “D”, Babik, Teegarden, Harden, Turner, Gray, Belke, Morgan, Pridgen, Brad the Trainer and all the staff!  Thanks for including me and letting me be Coach for the Week!

Claudine Andrews


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