In football, all young men have a chance of success. In football, the more talented player is not always the best player. In football, with the correct attitude and work ethic, any young man can compete. In football, leaders are born and confidence is built. In football, attitudes can be adjusted and low self-esteem can be lifted. In football, all young men get a chance at success.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nathan Davis nominated for Gold Star Chili Star of the Week

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vs Boone 272

For the fourth straight year Gold Star Chili has partnered with to present the Gold Star Chili Star of the Week. Each week 12-14 nominees will be selected from a large list of some of the area’s top performances and will be included in an online voting poll to determine a winner. The voting opens on Monday and ends each Thursday evening at 11:59 p.m. Voting is limited to one vote per day, per IP address. Networks may share a single IP, so please be aware of that while casting your vote. Only players on teams that won during a given week will be considered. Once a player wins once, they will be ineligible to be nominated a second time. All of the season winners will be recognized and receive a plaque at the Year in Review shows in January.


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