In football, all young men have a chance of success. In football, the more talented player is not always the best player. In football, with the correct attitude and work ethic, any young man can compete. In football, leaders are born and confidence is built. In football, attitudes can be adjusted and low self-esteem can be lifted. In football, all young men get a chance at success.

Monday, July 30, 2012

We need to vote...Ryle players are on the list

2012 Preseason Team

Players from three different states, 23 conferences and 146 schools were considered when making up the ballot which can be voted on at from now through August 11. Users can vote once per day, per IP address. Online voting will account for 40 percent of the final tally with our staff votes accounting for the other 60 percent of the vote. Every vote counts as we use a Borda Count method to determine the winner. That makes the position where each candidate finishes in the balloting critical.


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