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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plenty at stake in football districts.. Playoff look...

Written by
James Weber
District titles were decided in five of six Northern Kentucky football groupings last week. The battle for seeding in the districts is still vibrant, however, especially the fights for the precious two seed and first-round home game.
Here is a look at the standings and scenarios heading into the final week of district games. Here’s the yearly disclaimer: A two-way tie is broken by head-to-head result. A three-way tie involves strength of victory, adding up the win totals of the best four teams you have beaten who are not also in the tie. District games can count.
6A: Campbell County 3-0, 5-3; Simon Kenton 2-2, 7-2; Ryle 1-2, 3-5; Boone County 1-2, 1-7; Dixie Heights 1-2, 2-6.
Campbell County has won the district title. The two seed will either be won by SK or Dixie. If Boone beats Campbell, SK easily wins a three-way tie for second. The fifth seed will move to District 2 in the brackets and will play a western Louisville school from District 3 in the first round. The other four will play District 8, one of the Lexington groupings. Boone plays Campbell and Ryle plays Dixie this week. Here are the scenarios:
Campbell and Ryle win: SK is the two, Ryle three, Boone four, Dixie five.
Campbell and Dixie win: Dixie is two, SK three, Ryle four, Boone five.
Boone and Ryle win: SK is two and Dixie five. Ryle would have nine points and Boone seven including their Oct. 19 wins and both teams play teams with 8-0 records in their final games.
Boone and Dixie win: SK is two and Ryle five. Dixie would have nine points and Boone five counting their Oct. 19 wins. Dixie plays Cooper (7-1) in the final game and Boone plays John Hardin (8-0).


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