In football, all young men have a chance of success. In football, the more talented player is not always the best player. In football, with the correct attitude and work ethic, any young man can compete. In football, leaders are born and confidence is built. In football, attitudes can be adjusted and low self-esteem can be lifted. In football, all young men get a chance at success.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Attention Parents...Attention Parents

As most of you know we have been broadcasting Ryle sports on iHigh for the last 4 years.  We are now are a crossroads. All of the broadcast are done by a volunteer dad and that dads' son is now a senior.  We have to have volunteers to keep this going.  We need some parents or students who will be at the games and can help with the camera's and/or the computers.  Up until now, it has been a one man show.  As of today we have one person that has volunteered and we need 5 total for the home games and two people for the away games.  If we do not get more help than we will have to shut down the broadcast... Please help.  If you can help send an email to  We need to show you how to operate the cameras and/or computers and we need a commitment to helping.  Thanks


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