In football, all young men have a chance of success. In football, the more talented player is not always the best player. In football, with the correct attitude and work ethic, any young man can compete. In football, leaders are born and confidence is built. In football, attitudes can be adjusted and low self-esteem can be lifted. In football, all young men get a chance at success.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ryle learns alot during scrimmage with Bryan Station

The point of a scrimmage is to see how your team looks versus the competition.  After beating up on your own team for the last two weeks, players can now take their frustration out and Ryle did just that during the Bryan Station scrimmage.  Coach Warner said that he was impressed with the depth of the team and how many players stepped up when given their chance.  Ryle started out with a TD by Ryan Woolf and Shazadd Mann ran an interception back for a pick six.  The defense looked good, Jacob Lamping, Ben Durnwald and Nathan Winegardner also had interceptions. The offense struggled at times and other times they looked like the offense of old, completing down field passes and spreading the defense out and hitting the outside.  Ryle plays Cooper next week and is looking for revenge.  The game next week will be at Ryle starting at 7:30.  It will be broadcast on ihigh again this year. 


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