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Monday, June 29, 2015

Senior Parents

Dear Senior Parents,

Hope summer is going well for everyone. I cannot believe that our boys our SENIORS!

It has happened so fast. And the first game will be here before we know it. I believe this year is

going to be a great season, and I believe it is going to fly by. I know we have sent a couple updates

out, and lots more will follow. This is a very special year for our boys. We like to do special things

and get them some special gifts to recognize them as Seniors. We will be having a meeting in the

next couple of weeks to go over the events throughout the season that we will be having for the

boys. Just to be clear most of these events and gifts are financed and done by us the parents for the

boys. Ryle parents have ALWAYS been responsible for these "Senior" gifts and events in the past.

Let me go ahead and explain a few of the events and the gifts for our Senior boys.

August 1st and 2

This is an all day and overnight camp at Coach Woolf's family farm

The boys and the Dads really enjoy this. It is not only great for Father/Son bonding, but it really

seems to bond the boys right before the beginning of the season.

The cost for this is $125.00 per family

That includes their food, drinks, and organized events that take place while there.

Rick Pogliano ( – (513)707.2043) will collect the money from the

parents for this event. He notes that cash is king but checks are acceptable.

Senior Gifts

In the previous years the Seniors have received gifts before every game. I have spoken to Moms

from the previous years and the cost really added up. So, I tried to pick out just a few "big" games

to try and keep the cost down.

It is very important that you know. In the past couple years the Senior classes have been half of the

size of the 2016 class. It is your choice, if you do not want to purchase a gift for your young man.

But you should know that they will receive these gifts on Friday in the locker room on GAME


This has been a very long standing tradition at Ryle. I am, and will do my very best to keep cost

down as much as possible.

Here are the games that have been chosen for gifts:

August 14th Bryan Station Game

It is a Scrimmage however it is the 1st game of the season

Therefore we will be giving boys a gift

The first gift that is given out is a Duffel Bag, with the Raider head, and the boys name and

number on it.

I have estimated the cost for this and I believe that with the amount of Seniors that we have I can

keep it under $25.00.

I know that Lowes is currently selling the duffel bags at $40.00, that is one of the reasons that I

wanted to let you know about Senior gifts so that you do not order two of them.

I will send another email out this week to let you know when money will be due for the bags and

the exact amount.


­ Father/Son Leadership Camp


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