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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ryle Runs Over Boone for Shut Out

9/29/2012 - by Eli Hendricks

In a game dominated by defense, Ryle ran over Boone County behind their dynamic running back Tanner Pulice (pronounced Pa-lee-che). He accounted for 121 of 149 of Ryle’s yards and their only offensive touchdown of the night.

The other big performer of the night was Nick Kennedy who had an 89 yard kick return for a touchdown. Those were the two big offensive plays of the night, other than that, neither team could move the ball.

Boone got 3 big chances to come through in the game; The first chance was given to them in the second quarter when Ryle turned the ball over on downs, Boone responded by going three and out. Their second chance was a muffed punt recovered on Ryle’s 23-yd line, they ended up turning the ball over on downs four plays later. The third big chance was the most worst of all though, they recovered a fumble at the Ryle 14 and then proceeded to fumble the ball two plays later and give the ball right back to Ryle.

The big story of the game though was the inability of both offenses to move the ball. Other than Tanner Pulice who was a dynamic player all day, the highest performing offensive player of the game was Boone’s Mustafa Diaw who rushed 11 times for 44 yards.

Neither team could move the ball and the most exciting plays, other than the kick return by Kennedy, were turnovers no one could take advantage of. No one could create points off of turnovers.


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